CG & 3D News

Kam Star, Welcome to Chaos Group

6 ay önce

Kam Star, a veteran executive with more than two decades of experience in IT, architectural visualization and gaming, has been appointed as Chaos Group’s new chief product officer. He will help us continue to advance 3D visualization technology and build intuitive and powerful workflows for architects, artists and designers, the company said. Kam will oversee […]

iTtoo’s Software for 3ds Max 2024

6 ay önce

iToo’s industry-leading scattering, layout, modelling, and scene assembly plugins are now fully compatible with 3ds max 2024! If you’ve been waiting for compatibility with your favourite plugins to use 3ds Max’s exciting 2024 update, including a new boolean modifier, improved array tool, openVDB Meshing, OCIO colour management, and new slate editor, then the wait is […]

Chaos Cosmos Adds 350 Assets

6 ay önce

Exciting Chaos Cosmos update adds Evermotion assets Popular archviz content now available in Chaos content library, plus branded assets from Götessons and EQ3, scanned Enscape people, Enmesh patterns, and new bulk features. The latest Chaos Cosmos update introduces a partnership with one of the biggest names in archviz assets: Evermotion. With over 350 assets now […]

The Real Trees are Essential for Our Future

6 ay önce

We live and breathe 3D plants and trees. We’ve devoted ourselves to making the best tools for creating huge swathes of CG foliage for games, architecture, and VFX. But digital forests are no substitute for the real thing. Every year we’re still losing an area of forest roughly the size of Switzerland, and there are […]

Unity Learn Premium Is Now Free

3 sene önce

On March 19, the team offered three months of free access to Unity Learn Premium. They state that over 320000 people have benefited from that offer, so they decided that Learn Premium will now be accessible to everyone. “By providing easy access to all of our real-time 3D online learning resources, we hope to bring […]

TextureFUN Has Arrived at Milestone

4 sene önce

Free Texture site TextureFUN has set the world on fire own in-field by enhancing own PBR textures over the 1000+ in 2 months. TextureFun had started service for 3D artists in 2020 in January. The texture is one of the essential grades of quality visualisation. These quality textures underlie 3D visualisation. Also, this situation is […]

Crowd & Stadium Tool is Live

4 sene önce

Postoffice’s new Crowd and Stadium Tool is live! Crowds finally made easy and available for any timeline and budget. Create a new crowd looks on the fly using procedurally generated clothing. Support for crowd featuring men, women, children, flags, props, stewards, press etc included. Build stadiums in realtime with an endless array of tweakable options. […]

D5 Render has agreed with Texture Box

4 sene önce

We are reporting to happy that D5 Render has agreed with Texture Box. Texture Box‘s PBR materials will be using in D5 Render from this day forth. Texture Box based on Turkey was founded in 26th January 2020 by İzzet ALŞAN. A new generation real-time visualisation render software D5 Render have got 93 those materials […]