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Kam Star, Welcome to Chaos Group

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Kam Star, a veteran executive with more than two decades of experience in IT, architectural visualization and gaming, has been appointed as Chaos Group’s new chief product officer.

He will help us continue to advance 3D visualization technology and build intuitive and powerful workflows for architects, artists and designers, the company said.

Kam will oversee product strategy and direction and will join the leadership team led by CEO Christian Lang and also CEO added “I am confident Kam will prove to be an excellent fit for our organization not only because of his extensive experience in fields that are strongly connected to ours but also because of his customer-driven approach and drive for innovation. We are excited to see where his ideas and leadership can take us in terms of building an even stronger portfolio of products and reaching new markets”. said in his statement.

In January 2022, Chaos and Enscape joined forces to create a global leader in 3D visualization and design workflow technology. The new combined company, retaining the Chaos name, had acquired Cylindo, a 3D product visualization platform for commerce, in April 2022.

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