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TextureFUN Has Arrived at Milestone

4 sene önce

Free Texture site TextureFUN has set the world on fire own in-field by enhancing own PBR textures over the 1000+ in 2 months. TextureFun had started service for 3D artists in 2020 in January.

The texture is one of the essential grades of quality visualisation. These quality textures underlie 3D visualisation. Also, this situation is of capital importance at 3D works. Formerly, Adobe Photoshop was being used to prepare Textures or seamless textures for 3D works. Using Photoshop for these works, it’s over compared to the past.

From now on, different software such as pixplant and crazy bump software using to expedite 3D works. Using these software, you can prepare PBR and seamless textures for your services.

Accurately to prepare all of these occupy us so much time. Here it is, TextureFUN steps in for you. Over the 1000+ seamless and PBR textures having been prepared are entirely free at TextureFun. When you enter the site, you will see the 1K, 2K and 4K quality seamless Textures.

Such as Ambient OCC, Reflection, Normal Map, Height Map, Roughness maps are on web site. Also, when you select the related maps, you can download maps through our web site quickly. Because of the high map size and over-using RAM, everybody may not want to download 4K maps.

Seen in context (below), we suggest glancing you to elect quality maps according to different usage areas.

1K (1024 × 1024 resolution) Preferred for performance. (using laptop)
2K (2048 × 2048 resolution) Ideal resolution.
4K (4096 × 4096 resolution) Preferred for high quality.

For more detail, visit my WEB SITE and our SOCIAL MEDIA.


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